Soul Yoga wants to create a relaxing and fun environment for the whole community with a wide variety of classes, retail, and lounge space. We would like to share a few tips to ensure that every student has the ultimate yoga and studio experience.

Studio Etiquette

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class to allow time to settle in, familiarize yourself with the studio or fill out any new students forms and waivers
  • Please leave cell phones or electronics in lockers or outside of the yoga rooms
  • Prepare for class by being properly hydrated and practice on a light stomach
  • Please do not wear heavy perfumes or colognes to class
  • Please be respectful of others in the yoga rooms before class and enter quietly
  • Use the restrooms before class; if you need to leave the yoga room during class, please do so quietly between poses
  • At the end of class, please leave the room quietly and be mindful that other students may be using that time for silence and meditation
  • Avoid leaving class during Savasana; final rest is a very important part of your yoga practice and experience

What To Bring

Come as you are! If you have a mat, feel free to bring it as well as water and a towel. If you don’t have a mat, no worries! We have rental mats and towels available. We also offer showers at the studio, so you can bring a change of clothes if you wish to freshen up after class.

Water bottles, mats, towels and other yoga accessories are also available to purchase in our retail store.

What To Wear

Light athletic clothes are best; avoid 100% cotton materials. Dress appropriately for movement and sweating, especially in our heated classes. Please keep in mind that our studio is family friendly and dress accordingly. Most importantly, wear something you are comfortable in that won’t be a distraction to your practice!

If you need some new gear, our retail store carries the latest yoga styles for men, women and children.

I am new to yoga – what can I expect?

Our instructors are trained to work with students new and advanced, and no prior knowledge is required. We acknowledge that every BODY is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for each person. You will be guided through poses, cued to breathe and encouraged to play!

What if I’m not flexible?

Then yoga is perfect for you. Through a consistent practice, you can increase the range of motion in all of your muscles and joints.

Should I eat before class?

It is usually best to practice on an empty or light stomach. It is advised that you eat at least an hour or two before class to avoid any discomfort. Make sure to hydrate before and during class.

Why are some classes heated?

Heat helps to soften your muscles and joints, which can help you avoid injury and get more out of your practice. In addition, sweating is an essential bodily function that aids in removing toxins from the body.