Amanda Donahue

Amanda moved to South Carolina in April 2013. Born & raised in a small town in southern Wisconsin, she did not get much exposure to yoga in her early years. But that all changed in 2004 when she attended her first yoga class during her freshmen year of college at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. It was here that she became dedicated to yoga as a way to stabilize her mind, body, and overall health. Since that time, she has practiced yoga at many different studios – wherever she was, she found a new studio to attend classes. Yoga has really enhanced Amanda’s life in many ways, beginning from the inside out. Over the last decade as an avid yogi, Amanda has significantly strengthened her body and her spirit. It has helped her make, and deal with, major life changes. She has been able to make the momentous change from just living her life to living her life to the fullest, each & every day. She received her 200 hour RYT certification from Zanti Power Yoga spring of 2014. She has learned to embrace and be present in every moment of her day. As a teacher, Amanda is eager to help her students realize these same benefits. Her goal is to help her students identify what their bodies and minds need in order to enhance their daily lives.