Claire Gutbrod

Claire moved to South Carolina in 2015 after 10 years of living and working as an actor in New York City. She is currently playing her most important role- wife to dreamy Brian and mom to two and a half wild children. Claire fell in love with yoga three years ago when, after years of weight-lifting, she found that the practice of yoga gave her true strength. It has made her better equipped to take on the challenges of motherhood, helped her rebound from loss and grief, and taught her that self-care is the first step to serving others. She nurtured her passion by becoming a 200 RYT at Zanti Power Yoga in the spring of 2016. She looks at every moment on her mat as an opportunity to get better, from the inside out.She loves to spread joy and positivity through movement, and to play a part in her students’ journey to experiencing their true self and their true strength.