Jill Adrien

Jill enjoys sharing her yoga philosophy of breath initiated movement with others. She has been teaching yoga since 2014. She received her teacher training from Greenville Yoga. Going through teacher training was an eye opening process that brought Jill to a place of finally knowing herself. She has become stronger and more dedicated to her practice as she continues to learn and grow, both on and off the mat. Jill is excited to be able to share her love of yoga with the Soul Yoga community and to be a light to others outside of the yoga community.

Jill moved to Greenville in 2006 and jokes about how it took moving to the south to find her “inner yogi” when she grew up in Portland, Oregon, and yoga was everywhere. She enjoys traveling and visiting with her family in Oregon. Jill has met the most kind and giving people through her yoga practice and is grateful for all of her students and students and peers that have become friends.