Karina Juca

Karina is a 200 RYT and Level 1 Baptiste certified teacher born in NYC and raised in Compton, California. For a long time, she didn’t know what she wanted to do – what her “talent” was. She learned that all she could do was try things on until something landed – and to try to learn from the ones that didn’t fit. She came upon a passage in scripture that said if you are an encourager, be the best encourager you can be, and that stuck. People are her passion and she is so thankful to have the opportunity every day to lead lives through the practice of breath and movement, to drop the thoughts and things in life that do not serve us.

She has been practicing CrossFit since 2012 and yoga since 2015. She is always exploring pieces of herself that she can bring to her students: her culture, personality, past experiences, or any part of her journey in life. She tries to be vulnerable and share because that is how she connects.

“My 200 YTT was a huge turning point in my life. I was recently heartbroken through a relationship, I had just moved out of my mother’s house and was scraping pennies to make rent by working late nights as a waitress. My life felt like it was crumbling around me. The lie came back as loud as anyone could speak it to me saying, “I’m not good enough” – not good enough for this man to love me, not good enough to buy a house, not good enough period. That was my lie. My training at Soul Yoga helped me get clear with the truth, clear with the lie, and clear with the facts. I believe with all my heart that everyone, even if you are not a yoga practitioner, should take this training. It helped shape my life then and it still is today.