Karina Juca

Karina is the assistant manager at Soul Yoga and Swamp Rabbit CrossFit. She has been an avid CrossFitter since 2013 and has been practicing Hot Power Vinyasa since 2014. Karina has received her 200 hour yoga certification in May 2017. She manages the Assistant and Energy Exchange Team at Soul Yoga. “I am and want to continue to be a stand for people and for community. I thrive in lifting others to who they want to be. Whether it is by using the flow and leading them in a practice, assisting them or listening.”

“I am passionate about building communities and helping people build a longterm healthy lifestyle. Self image is something that I have battled with my whole life. What am i supposed to look like? Always desiring to be skinny. I didn’t even know what strong felt like. I love that I have the option to say I want to be strong and gentle. I lift heavy.. Heavy ish, but also have grace and fluidity.”