Kat Duncan

Kat Duncan is a Florida/Pennsylvania native who moved to Greenville to attend Furman University. After she graduated in 2012, she jumped into the food service industry, where she found a passion for working on a big team and making people happy. She started practicing yoga at Soul back in 2016, when her boyfriend (now husband!), Cameron, bought her the introductory first month as a present. It only took a couple of classes for her to be completely hooked on the awesome teachers and the friendly staff. Then, she joined the Energy Exchange team in 2017. As she spent more and more time at the studio, it became a place where she found community and peace of mind at the end of a hectic day. She (re)joined the team in October 2018 as the General Manager and could not be more thrilled to be leading such a dedicated, kind and talented group of people. Her favorite yoga pose is head-to-knee pose and she has three cat children who love to scratch up her furniture. She hopes to help Soul continue to grow and to be a place where everyone is welcome to relax, recharge and realize their goals.