Krish Patel

Krish began his practice of yoga in 2013. At that time in his life, he was constantly on the move from meeting to meeting, leading a retail business he started out right out of college in 2008. By the time 2013 came around, he was leading an organization of almost 300 employees across 5 states. Krish realized one day in 2013 he needed some mindfulness to get present with his life.

One step on the yoga mat was all it took for a new passion to develop. “I can remember feeling more alive than I have ever been. All I was focused on was my breath at that moment and nothing else on the planet mattered what need to get done or completed. For that 90 minutes I was alive, present and energized,” Patel said. “Then I knew at that moment, I need to share this experience with other people like me. Where life is a constant blur, repeated motions or the wheel as we know it.”

Krish’s practice of power vinyasa flow began to become a daily ritual of his. His passion for yoga shortly turned into creating an experience for others in the community by launching and creating Soul Yoga. Our vision is to establish Soul Yoga as a destination for wellness, revitalization and balance for people in our community to foster a more harmonious relationship between mind, breath and soul.