Lizzy Hester

Originally from Asheville, NC, Lizzy was a competitive athlete from the age of 7 through college. After getting a total hip replacement in 2016 due to a sports injury, Lizzy began to look for something that would not only be (very) physically and mentally challenging, but also restorative for her new bionic body. After moving to Greenville in late 2016, Lizzy finally found her way to Soul Yoga and immediately fell in love with Sculpt – she loves how no two classes are the same, and how the fast pace of the class keeps her mind in the moment. Within a few weeks of going to Sculpt classes, Lizzy already felt increased mobility, strength, and confidence. In her Sculpt classes Lizzy hopes to encourage you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, but to also be proud of and kind to yourself in the process. Lizzy is incredibly grateful for the Soul Yoga community, and cannot wait to share her love of Sculpt with you!